Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Girl!

Ok so I am thorougly in love with the album Dirty Martini, that my friend Adam recommended (he has great style!) On of my favorite tracks is called Super girl and this weekend I felt that this song was so apropos to me!! As you all know I have been running since Febuary 2009. I have run a race once a month apart from March due to travel and October due to life. This weekend I ran my race for November, a quick 5K up in Bellingham. I swear it is sooo much colder up there than it is in the Skagit County. Not really taking it seriously I hadn't really put the effort in to train and I'm sure the 2.5 bottles of red wine between 2 of us really didn't help!

Needless to say we arrived and donated our $8 to the food bank - a charity I thoroughly believe is worth the donation. The race began shortly after we arrived and off we went. When I say a quick 5K I plan on them ending within 30 minutes, imagine my shock when I cross the finish line under 25 minutes!!! Placing 4th in my age group with a time of 24mins 55 secs, I was yet again the kid in the candy store!! After receiving my award/ribbon (same difference) we drove home with a quick stop at Tony's in Fairhaven for coffee and a pumpkin spiced cookie to share!!

That day we relaxed and chilled out before I stole Beth from her husband for a quick lemon drop martini from Bellisima's to finish off a perfect day!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So here it is!!

I am on a truly remarkable organization flurry. I'm not sure where it came from but what I do know is that I am loving it!! In some ways I feel it is happening because I know that I will be moving shortly and that it needs to be as simple and stress free as possible. It's a little weird though as I've started my organization by buying extra shoe/boot boxes. I love shoes (just in case anybody forgot!) Lets put it this way I think I need more boxes!

All I have to say is The Container store (www.containerstore.com) and Storables (www.storables.com) are some of my favorite stores to hang out in!!

So having to figure out new storage for my crystal and china I found the following and I can not believe how much space it all takes up but it makes it so much easier to store!!

Any how just a little note to let you know I will be an organized fool before you know it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Why is it that Sundays can either be fantastic or just filled with dred for the week ahead. After a really chilld out weekend I thought this Sunday would be a lazy day with not much going on. I had plans for a photo shoot bu thought it may end early and I would be on my own watching a movie. Totally not the case!

I felt that I accomplised an awful lot for myself. I took care of my holistic well being by attending mass at 8am. It was a great service but still for me my favorite part is the "peace be with you, and also with you" part. You are able to connect with people on a whole different level that you may not always be able to.

After church I had breakfast with two of my favorite people (I truly think it adds more to it the fact they are married!) Farm fresh eggs (thanks Liz) on half a bagel with a side of avocado sprinkled with salt - not to mention the fesh brewed coffee. Good food, great company and a wonderful continued start to the day.

Next off to the NEX to spend some money and stock up on healthy snacks for my first week at a new job. A little treat for me in the case of a set of knives and wine stopper. Healthy snacks are in the form of Kashi cereal bars and cookies and dried apricots. I think I bought some exceptional purchases of fine english cuisine; sphagettio's in a can, famous mushy peas for fish and chips, curry sauce (rogan josh style - totally my favorite) and baked beans!! Heinz variety only please!

Home for a quick chat with my parents and old friends before my fabulous photgraphing genius friend Kim showed up. Today was the day were we went all out for risque business shots. Both of us weren't really in the mood but in the short time we were we got some amazing shots. Many of my butt (aparently according to Kim I have an amazing bubble butt - I am still not convinced!) Then before we knew it dinner was ready my dear friend Beth (I can't believe sometimes I am so lucky to have them both at the same time) was here and we polished off another bottle of wine while chit chatting and putting the world too right. For all my friends/acquaintances out there, these 2 girls are what keep me sane, I hope y'all have someone just like them!

Then after everyone left and I was on my own, it was time to ready to bed, blog and prepare for the week ahead!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bella Modello

For someone with somewhat low self esteem and a strong shyness (yes I know you all don't believe me but it's true!) today was a real confidence builder. This post is dedicated to my dear friend and fabulous photographer Kimberly May Laird!! A special shout out is in order to Lawson Laird and Naomi Laird as without there special assistance as muse's and prop guys the pictures she took would not have happened. We had talked about this day for what seemed forever but scheduling was just a nightmare. Throwing caution to the wind we made a plan and armed with a suitcase full of clothes and accessories the fun began.

Due to the lighting outside we decided it was best to start the shoot inside. Although starting with lingerie is a little daunting it definitely loosened me up as you can't really be shy after being photographed in your underwear ;)

Below is one of 2 which I've had blown up and put on canvas for my bedroom wall.

Now I'm a little concerned about placing this picture on my blog but all those following are friends and won't share unnecessarily!! (I can always claim it isn't me!!)

We then decided to venture out into the yard and with Lawson spraying the hose we captured the shoe loving Lindsay in a mix of black and white. At this point I must interject that for the technical photography terms (not my forte) I must direct you to Kimberly Laird photography!!

I could go on and on about the different pictures but I'd probably bore you all. Needless to say my dear friend Kim maybe feel a million dollars that day and that I truly was a princess!! So extra special thanks, love and kisses to Kim. A true friend amongst the throws of acquaintances.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today's the day!

Tuesday September 15th 2009, a day of mixed emotions! I woke up feeling 'blah', no other way to describe it. My muscles were sore from the day before I wanted to go to the gym but didn't want to, a crummy start to the day. I did drag myself to the gym and everything happens for a reason as on the way I received a phone call from a potential employer. This is great news and set me in a good mood to attack the day starting with an hour of yoga. Ok so wouldn't you think I'd be super stoked after yoga, relaxed, zenified? Clearly reality kicked in and this was not the case my mind had not been able to relax and unwind. I was pondering the fact it was/would be my 2 year wedding anniversary for the third ceremony today and it did make me feel blue.

Headng home from the gym I ran my errands and decided that I was going to make myself feel better and that I would not submit defeat to the stir cazy, blue mood, cabin fever I was feeling. I had a fabulous conversation with my sister and realized how much I truly miss my family. Its been a long time since I ventured home and I'm slowly realizing that I need to make the trip home not only for myself but for them as well.

A hot shower and the decision made to wear a mini-skirt for the first time in nearly 6 years, I was motivated and ready to face the world. I changed outfits twice before I stepped out into the world, nervous and anxious about the way I looked. "Did the skirt look ok? Should I really be wearing a denim mini-skirt in the middle of the day?" These fearful thoughts haunted me all the way across the street. Even now it will take me a long time to venture too far from home but for now I'll take it I conquered my insecurity of wearing a miniskirt - yeah!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gone Fishing

To be completely honest I never fully understood the thrill of fishing. I felt like it was an old man sport as they had hours of time because they were too old to do anything else. How wrong was I!! Today I had the blinkers ripped off and my eyes opened. Fortunately I was with my all time favorite 2 fishermen in the USA, Brandon and Brent. There would be only 3 others who may be better in my eyes, my beloved late Grandfather, my Dad and my sweetheart of an older brother, Anthony.

When we first set off I was planning to lie on the front of the boat and sunbathe - why not it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon. They had other plans for me and within 10 minutes of being out on the ocean a rod was thrust in to my hands. Clueless I think I tried hooking them more than any fish. They taught me how to cast and while they were trying to snag fish (I say trying as it truly was dead out there, no fish biting) The calm waters helped me practice and by the time we moved on to a better position, I was feeling really good about my casting. Just in time for Brandon to shout "I got one" The excitement began, I could see the tension on the rod, he was gently reeling the slippery one in and then wham finally in a net and on the deck. The next part was a little hard as he jumped all over the deck until they took care of the "humpy" with a quick blow to the head.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Days!

Why is it when you think things seem to be going ok you are hit with a bad day. It comes out of nowhere or so it feels and sucker punches you right in the gut. Today was one of those days and it really made me feel truly low and almost a little pathetic. Don't ask me why it had such an impact as I'm really not sure but did I feel it by the early evening.

So I'm sure my 5am wake up after a small amount of sleep did not help the situation but in order to be at work on time and take care of the puppies it was necessary. To be honest it really didn't feel too bad waking up at 5am but at 6am when I reversed out of my drive way straight into my neighbors car I knew the day was going down the drain!! The sound of crunching cars is not pleasant and I truly recommend that people don't experiment to find out. Stopping everything I decided to check it out before heading on to work. The damage didn't seem too bad on either car so I continued on to work. My rear fender is pretty much cracked and needs to be replaced and my neighbor has some dings. I want to let everyone know that I didn't just hit and run but I felt at 6am he wouldn't appreciate me waking him up to say "hey, good morning; I reversed into your car". I did however call and leave a message letting him know that I would stop by after work and check if there was any damage I had missed.

So I head into work and run my tail off! Sometimes its easier than delegating if you follow my drift. Lunch was a chance for me to eat and nap and then woo hoo only 2 hours left before I could head home or so I thought. The sun was shining on me today that's for sure as 20 minutes before I'm heading out the door to my friends graduation; I was told my lead therapist someone I truly respect and feel is awesome; hurt his back and needed to head home. They gave me the option to stay and help which would be fine any other night. The problem can you really say no to someone who looks crippled? The answer "No" or at least I can't! So close to 12 hours later I headed out the door for my hour drive home, needless to say subdued would be an understatement.

A few glasses of wine, some pizza and radishes, good company and the chance to write it all down I'm feeling a little better. Now for additional company to arrive and I'll be set to go!