Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Girl!

Ok so I am thorougly in love with the album Dirty Martini, that my friend Adam recommended (he has great style!) On of my favorite tracks is called Super girl and this weekend I felt that this song was so apropos to me!! As you all know I have been running since Febuary 2009. I have run a race once a month apart from March due to travel and October due to life. This weekend I ran my race for November, a quick 5K up in Bellingham. I swear it is sooo much colder up there than it is in the Skagit County. Not really taking it seriously I hadn't really put the effort in to train and I'm sure the 2.5 bottles of red wine between 2 of us really didn't help!

Needless to say we arrived and donated our $8 to the food bank - a charity I thoroughly believe is worth the donation. The race began shortly after we arrived and off we went. When I say a quick 5K I plan on them ending within 30 minutes, imagine my shock when I cross the finish line under 25 minutes!!! Placing 4th in my age group with a time of 24mins 55 secs, I was yet again the kid in the candy store!! After receiving my award/ribbon (same difference) we drove home with a quick stop at Tony's in Fairhaven for coffee and a pumpkin spiced cookie to share!!

That day we relaxed and chilled out before I stole Beth from her husband for a quick lemon drop martini from Bellisima's to finish off a perfect day!

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